• What is Verified SMS?

    Verified SMS transforms your existing SMS and increases the awareness of your brand on mobile with its verification and branding features that make business SMS messages safe and trustworthy. Extend the existing functionality of your SMS campaigns- enhance conversations with users, build trust and prevent scams

    Quick Fact

    The global A2P SMS market is expected to be worth US$86.53 billion by 2025. Enhance your with trusted and verified messages.
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    How does it benefit your business?

    How it works?

    verified sms Flow
    • Every message is validated twice, once through Route Mobile and once through messaging client application. It is similar to a two factor authentication
    • Route Mobile generates an authentication key and passes this to messaging client application when sending a brand message, which is a 1-way hash. Messaging client application cannot read the contents or recipients of the message as it is encrypted and Route Mobile does not know the device type that will be receiving the message, which makes the message end to end encrypted.
    • Route Mobile sends text messages across the mobile carriers (just like any other SMS message).
    • When the Android Messages app receives the message, it computes its version of the authentication key and sends this to the messaging client application to verify the message’s authenticity and sender.

    The Route Mobile Edge



    Simple submission and approval process for verification.
    Automatic delivery report

    Automatic delivery report

    Automatize the delivery report directly to your database
    24 hours availability

    24 hours availability

    Send messages continuously from the database, the application runs 24 hours a day.
    Highly scalable

    Highly scalable

    Customize the service based on your specification and requirement.
    Preserving brand trust

    Preserving brand trust

    It protects against spoofing and fraud threats via text messaging. Engage customers with trusted, branded messages.

    Relevant Industries

    • Ecommerce
    • Payment Gateways/ Wallets
      Payment Gateways / Wallets
    • BFSI
    • Media
    • Retail
    • Government and NGOs
      Government and NGOs
    • Travel & Tourism
      Travel & Tourism

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