• What is RCS – Business Messaging?

    RCS – Business Messaging is a communication protocol between telecom operators, OEMs and messaging partners for A2P rich messaging. RCS Business Messaging will equip brands to send videos, audios, images, gifs, map locations, and deeplink to specific actions, to create engaging & rewarding campaigns

    Quick Fact

    As per GSMAi, the A2P RCS business is estimated to open up business worth $74bn by 2021.

    what is rcs

    How does it benefit your business?

    How it works?

    RCS flow

    The Route Mobile Edge

    24 hours availability

    24 hours availability

    Send messages continuously from database, the application runs 24 hours a day.

     Highly scalable

    Highly scalable

    Customize the service based on your specification and requirement.

    Automatic delivery report

    Automatic delivery report

    Automatize the delivery report directly to your database

    Relevant Industries

    • Airlines
    • Ecommerce portals
      Ecommerce portals
    • Tourism & Travel
      Tourism & Travel
    • Transportation (example cabs)
      Transportation (example cabs)
    • Banks
    • Insurance

    Product Video

    On-demand Webinar

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