• Route Mobile SMSC as a Solution

    The SMSC is central to your application to person (A2P) message processing. This node in the mobile network, receives, stores, and forwards messages to the operator and from there to the end-user. The service caters to the differing needs of mobile operators and end-users by letting them use services like spam control, bulk messaging, etc.

    Quick Fact

    Technology has introduced a scalable and flexible messaging infrastructure to counter increased messaging activity. The short message service centre (SMSC) is at the core, making a variety of messaging solutions available to customers.

    How does it benefit your business?

    Operational Basics

    Generally, enterprise messaging involves sending A2P messages through an aggregator like Route Mobile. On receipt of the customer’s messages, the aggregator sends the messages to an SMSC. The SMSC receives the messages, stores them, and finally forwards them onwards to the operator. The operator then delivers them to the end-user. The storage helps message delivery in case the end-user’s phone is switched off or unavailable. SMSCs also label the messages with time stamps to guarantee delivery. The SMSC discards stored messages if the mobile doesn’t become available within a specific time period.

    By bundling aggregation and the functions of an SMSC, we eliminate message delivery delays by reducing connections.

    Features of SMSC as a Solution

    • Support for various message formats and languages.

    • Scalable network helps to counter message traffic upswings.

    • Customer security through customizable spam rules and lists of authorised senders.

    • HLR lookup for MNP resolution.

    • Customer profiling and personalization.

    • Customisable throughput and throttling.

    • Extensive analytical reports.

    • Error-based message resubmission.

    • Customisable message routing based on configurable origination / destination parameters.

    • Customisable CDRs.

    Relevant Industries

    • Telecom operators (global)
      Telecom operators (global)
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