• What is Route Shield?

    Our telco-grade SMS firewall platform serves network operators to safeguard customers from unwanted spam and malicious messages. With security being the core driver, Route Shield is a value added service enabler that aces at providing innovative and cost effective solutions to mobile operators in the SMS domain.

    Quick Fact

    By 2022, an estimate of 83 per cent of operators will have deployed A2P Firewalls and white route revenues of $25.86bn will represent 97 per cent of the market value – MobileSquared

    Route Shield secure

    Route Shield secure Route Shield secure

    A perfect blend of SMS Firewall and an exhaustive 24/7 managed service, Route Shield secure ensures and guarantees the control over SMS traffic, subscriber’s protection along with the monetization of SMS traffic terminating over the network.

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    Capabilities of Route Shield secure:

    • Incoming and outgoing traffic filtering.
    • Monitoring and filtering of traffic from any source including international, local operators and local SMPP providers.
    • Advanced filtering techniques.
    • Carrier grade performance and redundancy.
    • 24/7 monitoring, administration and support.
    • Reporting, Billing and Account Management.
    • Access to our Intelligence database.
    • Automated testing and message simulation.
    • Traffic analysis and forecasts.
    • Classification and reporting of International A2P vs Domestic A2P.
    • On-site SMS firewall.

    Route Shield managed

    Route Shield managed commits to deliver revenues to the Mobile Network Operator in the shortest possible time warranting the elimination of spam and fraudulent traffic. Unify the mobile operator’s existing filtering platform with our managed revenue assurance solution.

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    • 24/7 SMS Firewall Monitoring & Admin
    • Access to 365squared Intelligence Database
    • 365squared Message Simulator
    • Traffic Analysis and Forecast Management
    • 24×7 Service Management Centre
    • Reporting and Billing Support
    • Business Intelligence & Data Analysis carried out by our 24/7 Service Management Centre
    • Effective blocking and monetisation

    Incentives of Route Shield managed product:

    • Live Data from operator Firewall
    • Probes on operator Network
    • Market & our own Intelligence
    • Routine Testing of network security and leakages.

    Incentives of Route Shield managed product:

    • No additional resources required
    • An efficient blocking strategy
    • No investment required
    • Service operational 24/7

    Route Shield Messenger

    Route Shield messenger Route Shield messenger

    With our managed Enterprise Messaging Solution, we provide you with a customizable cloud based platform for any mobile operator or an enterprise of varied size. While doing so, we empower mobile operators and enterprises to engage with their customers in a reliable and a secure way with a proven cutting-edge technology.

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    • Cloud based Enterprise Messaging Solution
    • Reliable, scalable and proven technology
    • Flexible and supporting industry-specific interfaces
    • Interactive 2-way messaging solution
    • 24/7 Management and Support
    • A great opportunity to enter the A2P marketplace quickly


    • Proven technology and performance currently processing over 900 billion SMS annually.
    • Faster time to market.
    • Redundant cloud servers for more than 99.99% service availability.
    • Rich Analytics enables channel partners to get insight into enterprise needs.
    • Requests and tracks the delivery receipts from the mobile network.
    • No additional resources required since the service is fully managed.
    • No investment in equipment or software.

    Route Shield Analytics

    Route Shield analytics

    Route Shield analytics

    An intelligent, a real time detection and traffic analysis software, Route Shield analytics is a sophisticated product that works on any SMS firewall.

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    Route Shield analytics hugely focuses on features pertaining to detection, analytics, and management.

    Detection Features

    • Bulk Detection
    • Source Reputational Database
    • Spam Detection
    • Fraud Detection
    • SIM Box Detection
    • Message Simulator

    Analytics Features

    • Traffic Classification
    • Grey Route Analysis
    • Traffic Expectation Analysis
    • Brand Traffic Analysis
    • Market Intelligence

    Analytics Features

    • Management Features
    • User Management
    • Alarming Module
    • Reporting Module
    • 24/7 Support

    Being one and only tool of its kind in the market, it proffers enterprise with a comprehensive reporting functionality. These reports and classification of the traffic is done by incorporating attributes such as SMS type, Brand and also Brand Message Type.

    Reports include:

    • Bulk Analysis Report
    • Brand Analysis and Performance Report
    • Message Simulator Report
    • SIM Box Detection Report
    • Detailed Daily / Monthly Report
    • Customized Reports

    A2P Monetization

    Block illegitimate routes with Route Shield SMS Firewall service while ensuring termination of both domestic and international A2P traffic via authorized A2P gateway.

    A2P monetization addresses not only the SMS Firewall but more importantly real-time detection, analytics, intelligence, management and reporting.

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    Detection Capabilities:

    • Illegal A2P routes
    • SIM farms
    • Domestic A2P bypass
    • International A2P bypass
    • Bulk SMS traffic detection
    • SMS price changes
    • Roaming usage
    • Signaling traffic usage
    • Spam and fraudulent traffic
    • P2P bypass
    • Variance in OTT brand traffic versus Expectation

    Why Route Shield?

    • We guarantee 95% reduction in spam and fraudulent traffic.
    • Lockdown complete network within 12 hours.
    • Monetizable traffic terminating on the network starting within 24 hours.
    • Fully monetise legitimate A2P traffic within 48 hours.

    Your protection and security is our prime duty.

    Recent Implementations

    Route Mobile is working to integrate a multi-leveled SMS firewall solution for Idea Cellular, to secure its international traffic channels. The firewall will ensure that the brand’s International A2P SMS traffic enters Idea’s (India) network via authorized A2P SMS gateways. The international traffic includes messages originating internationally and terminating domestically and will be filtered as per mutually identified and agreed security terms.

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    Route Mobile has implemented SMS firewall solution at Econet Leo in Burundi. Route Mobile will address and prevent revenue leakage via SMS grey routes and help Econet Leo improve international Application-to-Person (A2P) monetization via authorized A2P SMS gateways.

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